Beginner DSLR

When you're first getting into photography, I highly recommend going with a basic DSLR and kit lens before making any large upgrades. The introduction period is very important because it will allow you to experiment and figure out what you really want to do with your photography. Once you've found what type of photography you want to pursue, you can then make equipment purchases that are geared towards that genre. 

Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D + Kit Lens

Nikon D3300 + Kit Lens

Or any DSLR for that matter! Whatever you can get your hands on will be more then enough for learning and creating good images.

50mm f/1.8 Prime Lens - Nikon | Canon

That's It!

You might be wondering why I only recommend a DSLR, kit lens and 50mm lens when you're first starting off. The reason for that is because I think that these three tools are the only thing you need in the beginning. There is so much that you can learn from using just these simple pieces of gear!

The kit lens will teach you what focal lengths you like to shoot. With an equivalent focal range of around 17-83mm, you're pretty much covered from the wide end to the telephoto end. It will also let you know if you like working with zooms, and if you need faster apertures for the type of shooting that you like to do.

The 50mm f/1.8 lens will teach you how to shoot with a prime lens. Limiting your self to one focal length will teach you to see the world in a different and unique way. It will also teach you how to look for "that shot", and bring out the creative and problem solving side in you. The 50mm will also teach you how to use shallow depth of field to your advantage. Having the f/1.8 aperture is huge when shooting in low light and when trying to isolate your subject.

After using these three pieces of kit for a while, you should have a good idea of what the next step in your photographic progression should be. When that time comes, jump over to the Advanced DSLR Gear Page to see what I recommend!