Hi, I'm Nico Mojica, the founder of CamCrunch.

CamCrunch was established in 2011 as a news and rumors site for all things related to photography, though it slowly evolved into something much bigger.

With the addition of a YouTube channel, CamCrunch became about sharing my passion and knowledge of photography with everyone. I am not a professional photographer and I've never claimed to be one, but I've learned a lot in the time that I've been photographing.

I enjoy sharing what I know with people via short videos and blog posts because I believe that information should be easily accessible to everyone. I also believe that by sharing what I know about photography, I will want to push myself to learn even more.

Just like you, I'm continually learning new things everyday. CamCrunch is my way of sharing what I know about photography to whomever can benefit from it.

I wish I could tell you more about CamCrunch but, the truth is, I'm not 100% sure where it is headed. All I can say is that I'm going to do my best to bring you quality content that will, hopefully, help you in your journey as a photographer.