Best DSLR camera for beginners

If you're new to photography and already have plans to buy your first DSLR camera, I have one very important piece of advice for you - Don't overthink things. 

I've been in your spot. You're sure about purchasing your very first DSLR camera so you start doing some research. You find out that there are dozens of cameras manufacturers with dozens of different options to choose from. You get confused and start diving in to the details. You compare specs, prices, reviews, but you still don't know which camera to get.

Casey Neistat's Vlogging Camera Equipment (DSLR, Lenses, Mic)

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker who recently started daily vlogging. His daily uploads has gained him a large, loyal fanbase, and is now one of the biggest YouTubers. 

One of the most popular questions he get's is "What camera do you shoot with?" He's explained his setup briefly in numerous videos, but has never gone into detail on the what and why. I try to do that for him (as best as I can) in this video.

Here's a list of Casey Neistat's vlogging camera equipment: 

Printing My iPhone Photos!

This year, I've made it one of my goals to print out more of my photographs. I've never printed anything from my phone before, so I thought it'd be good to try it out.

I recently took a day trip to Tagaytay and snapped a couple of shots I really liked, so I edited them on VSCO, transferred them to a thumb drive and took them to my local Kodak to get them printed.